Friday, March 26, 2010

always the last to find anything out....

I'm angry, upset, and my feelings are hurt. Whenever anything has happened with my parents I am the last person to know. When my dad died...he passed in the morning....I did not find out until late afternoon and it was an accident. One of my sister in laws called to see if I was ok and I was obviously confused. I found out about my moms last trip to the hospital with extreme hemoraging a year ago (too tired too check spelling) on FACEBOOK. Tonight one of my brothers calls to tell me my mom was admitted YESTERDAY. Thankfully it is not over the top serious (but at 82 anything could become) but she has had extreme back pain- stenosis of the spine as it turns out along with scolliosis, arthritis, osteoporosis = a lot of pain. She had an injection and should be ok.

I do not cry easy but I was so upset at my brother on the phone as this is not the first time. He apologized but not sure he understands. His wife sent me a couple messages on FB the last couple of days and did not mention a thing??? Heck my neices that I am close to could have sent me a message or called me. My niece said that her mom (my sister in law) was in the hospital (and going to be fine) but she didn't say my mom was five doors down!!

Granted they are all on the west coast....I am on the east coast but sometimes I feel like extended family not immediate family. It's like I am a bit of an afterthought...."oh maybe we should tell J" days later. Grr. I'm done venting. I am thankful my mom is ok.


  1. SO sorry, gal!! If you posted about this on FB I missed it somehow. I hope things go well with her and that she is better very soon. After everything is clear, and she is better, maybe you could send a message to all your west coast family requesting that they please keep you in the loop from now on?? (((hugs)))

  2. You're in my thoughts...

    Hugs - Jodie :)

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  4. Hey girl. I am so sorry about that. I can see why you would feel like extended family. (((hugs)))