Monday, January 25, 2010

Z~girl and I are in a running program with a local homeschool group. (I can hear my husband snickering about this still...I am NOT a runner I am a hiker) Most days Z does run around our yard a lot but the last couple days we have gotten a lot of rain. So she has been getting the jump rope out and our mini trampoline. She has really not had much interest in jumping till now....she will not stop now. So cute. She has really gotten the hang of it and look at that air under her! Hopefully my cold will be better in the morning as I need to get my hiney on the treadmill. Our first running race is at the end of Feb....only a mile....only a mile. I better start running now!


  1. A RUNNING program??!! Have you lost the good sense God gave you, woman??!! Now, a Krispy Kreme program - - THAT I can get into. But a running program??!!

  2. Yeah pretty scarey thought isn't it topsy!! ahahahhahahaha. It's either that or buy the next size bigger pants...I just can't do it!