Thursday, January 28, 2010

words I never thought I would hear

A~man is a wonderful and entertaining child and has always been this way. BUT he has had little success with playing with boys his own age. Younger children love to play with him....girls tolerate him....and he has success hanging out with teenagers. It can be very trying (ahahhahah) to listen to him for long periods of time...he talks a lot and makes up stories. It really bothers boys in particular when he starts making up these tall tales they will tell him that he is lying. We... he IS lying but him lying and my 8 yr old typical dev dd is different. Of course I work like crazy trying to get him to either tell the truth or tell people before hand that he is about to say something made up.

Anyway the last two days have been so good for him socially! Two Wed's a month he goes with us to girl scouts and there are two other brothers of Z's friends that come that are similiar age. Yesterday I let him bring my DS (hee hee it being MINE is a whole nother blog ;) and those boys were at his side the whole time and he did a good job sharing and telling them how to play the game. In the past these boys will sometimes hide from him...funny but not because honestly he can be obnoxious.  Think Hammy from Over The Hedge. Then today we went on a field trip to an inflatable play place with our new 4H group. I saw a 10 year old (that we knew a bit years ago) going up to his grandma saying "have you met my friend A~man??" really excited....then I heard another boy from A's cubscout troop saying "I want to play with A~man too!!" I think I put a  kink in my neck turning around both times to see if what I heard was true. NOW if I can get him to understand the concept of playing with all the boys....he kept trying to latch onto just one...and I don't want the kid overwhelmed by it.

Hopefully he will have more "social" days like gives my heart such warm fuzzies!


  1. fabulous!!!!
    I am so pleased for you both!!!

  2. This post made me a big HUGE smile. Lucky kids to get to hang out with A~man!