Monday, December 28, 2009

woohoo for me!

I'm decluttering the house...I'm hoping to have it done by Feb least that is my hope. Little steps. Today I did my entry closet.....I now have in my car 3 garbage bags to go to goodwill in the am. Keep in mind that is where I was storing it....just never got it out to the car. I have a problem holding on to the kids clothes. I also got rid of probably a garbage bag worth of stuff not worthy of going to someone else. It felt so good. I should have done before/after pictures! The hubby FINALLY :) put together the shoe shelf that I have been nicely asking for him to do for...a long time. It looks so much better!!! Now to tackle the livingroom. Which is honestly pretty good...just need to go through the kids bookshelf...organize current homeschool material...and clean off/out my computer table. Right now I"m looking for some nice art of some sort for the entryway as a reward. ;)

While looking around on the web I found this site It has some good tips and ideas. Now my house is not like some of the examples here. (my garage is on it's way though on a small level) I have a grandmother that was a mild version of this. My mom grew up during the depression so my grandmother was trying to raise 5 children during this time. Once the families situation improved though she started hoarding things....lots of newspapers and magazines...rooms full. One of my husbands grandmothers (actually his last one) passed away a couple years ago. She had rooms and rooms and rooms...not habitable full of STUFF...and rats...etc. She was poor...she grew up during a different time put it nicely she was simple and not educated.. with psychological issues. She was not able to raise my mother in law but instead as an adult my MIL took care of her in many ways. Her house in the end had to be burned down. I'm getting off track as usual but it is amazing the different factors that can cause a person to hold on to included. This aricle lists some reasons and I think mine is perfectionism....which is ironic...but I know it is something that has kept me from doing many things and finishing things I have started.

HERE'S to putting another dent in getting rid of more tomorrow!!!

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  1. Think maybe we will start a de-cluttering movement across the country??? ;)