Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the rest of the story....

Well most of my subscribers know me on facebook and know the rest of the story but I thought I would come back and write it all down.

I guess it was Wednesday night. Z~ girl slept in my friends dd's room in a bunk and I had previously arranged for A~man to sleep in our room. Our gracious hosts made him up an airbed (although the kid honestly loves to sleep on the floor...not sure why?), he took a shower and went to lay down. Unknown to us....he had taken the cordless phone into the b e d r o o m. The hubby, my friend, her hubby and I were sitting in the livingroom nearby chatting. I had my EARS on. I kept hearing some beeps but thought I was hearing things. Finally we hear some more phones sounds....not sure if it was their answering machine or what...but I went in the bedroom and found THE PHONE. I took the phone and went and sat back down....wondering. I asked my friends dh if he could check the phone and see if any numbers had been dialed. The rest is blurry. He got up to go check I believe...and there was a knock on the door. It was at least 10:30. Evidently my mischief maker had called 911 not once...not twice...but a dozen times! He tied up all the emergency phone lines for the city. (small city;) My friends dh talked to them...not sure what he said...but all was well.

Do you laugh do you cry do you scream when something like this HAPPENS??? My friend and her hubby...were as cool as cucumbers...they handled it so well. Perhaps it helped that my friend is a dr and familiar with PWS? maybe. If it would have happened with my family?? it would have been NO SMALL MATTER. My MIL and step fil? they would have been ok with it but he would be in DEEP DOO DOO. Well he did get in deep doo doo with us. Than we talked about how it could have prevented people from getting help they REALLY needed. He's a smart cookie but this wasn't the first...and most likely won't be the last. Lord help me.

Oh I did laugh though....when he didn't see....can I admit that? Sometimes if I didn't laugh I would be crazy by now. ;)


  1. have to laugh at moments like these or you will end up as crazy as I am!!!

    aussie hugs

  2. I'm so glad you finally shared the "sordid details" of your adventure. ((snort)) I think maybe I should invest in one of those police scanners in case A-man ever has a repeat episode...then I can give you a heads up when the fuzz are on their way!!

  3. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! That boy is going to drive you to a full head of gray hair, girl!! OMGoodnesss!! He's a HOOT!