Friday, January 14, 2011

Gray Hair Number 37...

This morning I swear I only had 3 dozen but I believe I added a new one. Preface- wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just wrap our children up in bubble wrap? Or put them in a bubble? JOKING of course but geesh...

Both children have been loving the snow we have. Here in NC we got close to a foot. So in the afternoon after "school" and their chores are done I push em out the door ;) to play in the snow. This snow wasn't the greatest for sledding but they have tried every part of our yard. Yesterday the ideal spot was our driveway as my husband had taken the SUV to work and the driveway was clear. Fast forward to this afternoon. When they are outside I keep an eye out for them out the window and if I do not see them I pop my head out the door every 5 minutes. Well....I decided it was time for me to utilize the bathroom...I sit down (tmi) and Z rushes in the front door yelling "mama mama come quick it's A!!!" NEVER A GOOD STATEMENT! I rush out to find he slid down our driveway that isn't that steep UNDER OUR SUV. Well right before one of our renters was stopping by to drop off rent...he was right there when it happened so when I went out he was pulling Aubrey out from under the suv. **right then and their I got the bad mommy of the day award!!**  EEEK! Well he was fine...not hurt at all...but he couldn't get up by himself.

I will admit we ALL had a chuckle afer the fact and this will go in the "file" next to the story "The Blackberry Bush That Ate A-man"


  1. You laugh now...wait till I send him to you in Australia!! hahahha

  2. Oh have all my sympathies. I have many bad mommy awards--so don't feel too bad. The paramedics in Sugar Land, Tx. once a small town, came to my house three times in one month. We had only just moved in. I kept wondering what the neighbors must think of me and my five little kids. Talk about embarassing! I'm just so glad A man is OK! Why don't you just sit down..and have a nice cup of tea. Come see my flowers! I'm having hot tea right now as we speak. :o)

    Love you friend!!

  3. Blasted bathroom urges! They get us mamas every time!! :)

  4. I just found you through PWS solutions... thanks for sharing your blog!