Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our trip...our adventure!

Keep in mind...if you have read my blog at all...things hardly ever go as planned. That is just how it is.

We arrived at isle of palms midday on Tuesday. It was hot. I was warned. It was hot. Where I live it was maybe in the 80's. There? it had a heat index of 112. It was like a hot moist oven. Now I remember why we normally go earlier in the year. We ate lunch, watched cartoons (a treat...we do not watch tv) and in the evening we went to a nice restaurant and then went to the pool and beach. Well Z girl went swimming. With prader-willi syndrome their body has a hard time regulating temperature. A~man got really sleepy...he slept a lot.

On Wed morning he was still very sleepy in the morning but it was much cooler...only about 90. ;) The hubby and I took turns taking Z out while A~man stayed inside. My favorite moments of the trip were Z and I riding bikes on the beach...taking breaks ever so often to go in the ocean. It was such special time just her and I. In the afternoon we went to Boone Hall Plantation . We really enjoyed this. I would like to go back when it is cooler so we could spend more time. I especially loved the Gullah presentation. That night? mmmmm crablegs!

Thursday morning we had planned to wake up and go next door for bluecrab omelates..and then go explore downtown Charleston for souviners. .mmmm....but wait what really happened? it was 8ish....the kids were starting to wake up. At 8:30 I heard ds in my suitcase but told him to go back to bed for a little bit. DD starts yelling he has something in his mouth.What? childrens tylenol. I go looking for the wrappers to figure out how many he had (turned out to be the dose for his age) when I find an empty bottle of benedryl in the trash. OH CRAP. I know there was a bit over half so we called poison control...if it would have been half a bottle the recommendation would have been to let him sleep it off. We were not sure so we packed up FAST and went to the ER. Meanwhile he keeps falling asleep. It took a bit to explain about the PWS and the autism as they were asking if A`man said WHY he took it. Everyone was so nice. It took awhile but he drank the charcoal...we had to sit for a couple hours...he was NOT happy as poison control said no food until he was seen by a dr. He is fine. I am fine...I guess. At home we keep meds locked up or out of his reach.I just figured he wouldn't get into the suitcase...or the med. Next time we will get a lock for the suitcase. MOMMY GUILT ugggg.

I do have a lot of nice pictures to share later of the funner moments. :)

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  1. Well, I know this was not EXACTLY the vacay you were expecting. But remind me to tell you about the hubster and I's honeymoon trip to Charleston sometime. Yours will sound like a fairy tale in comparison. LOL. I'm SO glad A-man turned out to be okay!!!