Monday, September 28, 2009

feeling overwhelmed....

It's been such a wonderful end of summer....begining of fall! Meeting a wonderful new group of homeschool friends....tons of homeschool events that are absolutely complaints there. In fact for the first time in ...gosh who knows how long...over a year I am going out with friends to a movie! no KIDS! woohoo! Our family has been on some many nice new hikes to local places we have never seen and the actual HOMESCHOOLING is going so well! Z learns so easily despite what I have no coined the "GIRL 'TUDE"...A~man is trying so hard..I have found such a wonderful match of's hard to fit all the fun learning in a day! I have also started trying to relearn crocheting...and also have been sewing. Oh and add in the exhibits we entered in the fair..I need to post pictures!!!

Now for the OVERWHELMED. My house is awful. A complete mess. Now there have been times when it is cluttered (there is no hope for me there with my love of books and fabric) but it needs scrubbed top to bottom. WHEN? Now just a disclaimer it is not "unhealthy dangerous dirty;)" but YUCK. My downtime is in the evenings I can't survive without it honestly. I do have someone doing respite with A~man once a week now for about 4-5 hours....but during that time I or we, if dh is not working like to spend extra time with Z~girl. Oh and we just joined the gym...where will I get the extra hours/energy for THAT??? ROTFLMAO.....

Aye aye aye....I need a housecleaner. Now I know in the whole picture I am accomplishing the IMPORTANT stuff....but geesh it would be nice to not be embarassed if the doorbell know instead of hiding in the closest......JK.....


  1. Oh I hear ya. My house is just so ... so ... I can't even think about it! I haven't sewn in so long b/c I'm trying to catch up from the mess I've created all the time I was sewing!

    Good luck at the gym ... I've started going ~very~very~ early in the AM just so I can fit it in. It's ok to drive with one eye open only right?

  2. Oh boy, do I ever hear you, too! I am truly a hopeless case when it comes to housecleaning. It is the absolute LAST thing on my priority list. I just simply pray for no company. EVER! Not exactly true. I do love for people to come by, but they MUST give me enough warning to throw everything from the living room into the bedroom and shut the door. If you come visit me, you'll promise to do that, won't you?? :0)

  3. I'm so glad I am not ALONE in this!! Yes K I will give you plenty of notice. But you will also know...well...we are in the same boat!