Monday, June 8, 2009

a side not normally seen....

of my son. Fortunately this only happens every couple months ago but today has been downright horrible.

I woke up and saw him. Somehow he got some clippers and tried to trim his hair. He has patches all over taken out down to the skin....including his eyebrows...they are half missing. It went downhill from there with rages, screaming, crying. (from him not me silly;) I put him in his room at one point and then he started screaming out the window. oh joy...I actually had to call my husband to come and get him for a few hours....I could not handle it...I needed quiet. So I went to bed for a couple house this afternoon while he was gone. Then to be nice my husband took us (plus the person he is help take care of) to Fudd Ruckers. (kids eat free Monday night) There is a big 7 foot wood bear in the entrance. In the past...and today I have to have him behind me to get him past the scares him. We are quite the sight. It went fairly well inside the restaurant until we told him he couldn't have a cookie. (he is allergic to peanuts) On the way home (30 min drive) he is begging for dessert.....we say no....he had rootbeer which is a rare treat in itself. Somehow we get him in the house and into bed and he is screaming....crying...

Tomorrow hubby is going to have to shave him bald Monday starts a week is his Dev Ped appointment...I wonder what the dr will think of his shaved head and eyebrows.

I am so tired...not an ounce of energy left in me. Sleeping won't be easy though.


  1. oh hon,
    I am worn out just reading your post...

    lots of gentle hugs........

    sigh.who knew motherhood could be soo..............testing??

    more hugs

  2. I just noticed one of my entries is about the exact same thing. Well about the haircutting. I do not believe he went into melt down mode that time.

    Thanks L! you are always there.