Thursday, March 26, 2009

Very down this week

I guess I should be grateful. I have not had a really down and depressed time the last month+ since Chris' accident. Instead though it has been compacted into this week. Hormones really can wreck havoc on a woman. I got my monthly friend and this week I have been completely grumpy and not like my normal "ME". I would have loved to stay in bed all week long...but of course I wouldn't/couldn't do that. So I tried being as normal as possible. I wasn't that successful I must add.

Oh I did have a funny today. I HAVE to see it as a funny. Life is unpredictable that is what keeps things from ever getting boring. I have been telling A-man for days that I would cut his hair when it was sunny and I could do it outside. Well he took matters into his own hands and cut big chunks out of his hair today when I wasn't looking. Chris found it and took him into the bathroom and I thought he was just going to trim it with a long guard on the clipper. Then I heard the shower turn on and KNEW he had just pretty much shaved it on the lowest setting. I wasn't in a good mood at the time and this didn't help. A-man has an off shaped head and has GORGEOUS thick hair....he looks best with hair. He now has a haircut like daddy. Here's a funny picture...I am laughing now...well a bit....with a bowl on his head. The STINKER. :D

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  1. Well it isn't surprising you have fallen in a had had to deal with a LOT recently........hugs.

    LOL on A...........he looks sweet........teehee