Monday, February 8, 2010

You know it's gonna be one of those days when.....

you wake up to find your son has chopped all his hair of with safety scissors. Yesterday he took a couple chunks out of it with my sewing scissors when my back was turned....or I was using the toilet....or doing something! I try to keep all scissors on top of the refridgerator but being the crafty bunch we are it's not too hard to find a pair if you are determined enough. WHY does he do this? I haven't a clue. He says he doesn't either. I'm guessing it is related to maybe the impulse control of the ADHD?? HE'S 10 THOUGH. I've learned yelling doesn't help (so I don't), swatting? no. So I told him he lost his favorite toy and cannot have soda till it grows out to a respectable length. Unfortunately it won't be grown in before the Vday swim party on Friday. My son will be the one with the baseball hat on in the pool. ;)

That pretty well set the mood for the day. Getting any school work accomplished was not happening. I think tomorrow will be a day off for all get our humour back...a day of enjoying each other as it's getting to that point in the school year I am feeling burned out. The games and puzzles are out and waiting!


  1. blimey girl............cant you keep your eye on that boy???LOL JK


    good idea to re-group tomorrow.

    more hugs

  2. Oh those safety scissors. Is A-man a Saints fan?? you could just buzz it all off and leave a saints logo on for good measure. He would be the coolest! (caution: he would be SO cool, I would have a very hard time not sneaking him a soda on Friday) ;)