Monday, February 1, 2010

Animals should definitely not wear clothing !

Animals should definitely not wear clothing as it would be disasterous for a porcupine, because a camel may wear it in the wrong places, because a snake would lose it, because a mouse would get lost in it, because a sheep might find it terribly hot, because it could be very messy for a pig, because it might make life hard for a hen, because a kangaroo would find it quite unecessary,....... by Judy Barrett  

Z~girl and I were doing some of her work today on the computer and this story popped up in the the language arts section. What a comical story! Well we were interrupted by some attitude issues and Z~girl had to spend a little thinking time in her room. A~man must have overheard the story as the next thing I know Buster (fake name to protect the innocent ;) came into the livingroom wearing a striped tshirt. After Z~girl had served her time she joined in the fun and put pants on Buster....followed by Aubrey finding him some goggles.
Would you like another chuckle? After lunch Buster wanted to go being the good owner that I am I took him out in the snowfilled yard. I got  almost to the front hedge and realized that the dog was still wearing a shirt. The lady next door that I do not know well had been shoveling snow. She was no longer shoveling her snow she was standing staring at me! I really hope she remembers I have children at home during the day homeschooling and does not think I spend my day dressing my animals!!!
Here is a fun lesson plan I found using Judy Barrett's book. I hope to use it this week.


  1. I love your stories!!!!

  2. You won me over with the photos, humor and links to "more of the story". I am slowly getting hooked on reading blogs, yours made me smile and the learning is painless. Pat (from your blogging class).

  3. Joy, Your blog headings (titles, or some other geek word) are great! They are good hooks and your stories are the "lesson plans" for us all. Look forward to your everyday life.

  4. That picture of the dog with the goggles is brilliant!