Monday, February 22, 2010

worst fear for a mama.....

Losing their child. I have had nightmares about this. Especially with a child that knows no strangers...has no fear...and has a hard time staying focussed. This became a reality this weekend.

We belong to a girls running club and Sunday was the first "fun run" we all participated in. There was a large crowd as before the fun run there was a 5K race. During Z's race I was trying to take pictures of Z, of her club members and of a couple other friends of hers. Part of the time hubby was with me and part he was at a different part of the course. Looking back I realize A~man was with me...then the race was over...spoke to a friend and hurried to the finish line where hubby and Z were. I get there....we look at each other and said at the same time "WHERE IS A~man???" I turn around and it is a HUGE crowd and walk back to where I was. It isn't long and I see him walking up the hill with a casual friend of ours. <<>> I left my son with AS !!!! She told me he came up to her chatted and said he was a little lost. *sob* I thanked her and praised him for finding someone he knew! I am PUSHING that guilt out of my head....but I am so thankful he realized what to do. (find someone he knew) I am also thankful she was there...actually there were many friends there...

What does a parent do when they have a child that needs a little (or a lot) extra supervision? When do they know when to let the strings looser...and when to keep them tight? What about when a younger sibling needs less supervision...gosh this is what I am trying to figure out. I do not want to be too overprotective....yet still protect what it took me so long to have.


  1. From a mama who has lost her kiddos more than once (even in the woods, where we ended up having to call 911!!) this one definitely hits home for me. So proud of A-man for finding a familiar face. That is such an important skill to learn!

  2. I don't have children and therefore I can only image how frightening it must be to lose a child. I remember as children my parents used to take us to the beach and we were forever getting lost. Luckily there were lost children locations along the beach and we knew to go to them in order to relocate with our parents.

    I think the best solution is a plan before you go anywhere public. Decide what action needs to be taken if you become separated. This might not be a 100% full proof but at least this way you have done your best to prepare for any possible outcome.