Saturday, February 27, 2010

Part 2 - Haiku to the Nice Lady (11-06-2005)

Peering through the glass

Hoping to get just one peek
She stands looking out
Wondering why he looks in.

Today was a perfect lazy day. We did not go to church as A-man has the sniffles and we did not want to share with the kids in his class some of which are medically fragile. So I slept late and dh made french toast and scrambled eggs a rare treat! Dh spent the morning watching Dumbo and part of Cinderella with the kids. These came yesterday from Netflix. I cleaned the kitchen and read blogs. Then we went looking at used SUV's...still not sure what type to get or whether to wait until spring. Then we went downtown to walk, to window shop, get a coffee and of course let A-man get a glimpse of the Nice Lady . No we are not stalking her. We sat on the bench in front of her shop and I saw a copper art thingy for the yard that had another thingy that spinned. Great description huh? I really want it for our back deck but I will wait.

We love to people watch and that is what we did. I have always been fascinated with differences in people, not in a bad way, just in a way that God made everyone so wonderful and unique. A man went by and I thought of a an online friends precious son. This handsome young man had half of an arm and it had a bit of a hook on the end...kindof like one finger. Well he was using it to hold a bag he was carrying. This will sound odd but it looked so cool and convenient. Like it was just made for that. Another man came walking by that dh and I have talked with that is on the Autism spectrum. He is just so interesting and sees the world so differently. He likes to talk about the weather and sports mainly. He seems to like seeing us downtown as he knows we will say hi. Anyway people watching was a highlight of our day and the weather was gorgeous and unseasonably warm...probably close to 80.

When we got home I made pigs in blankets and broccoli/cauliflowers with cheese sauce. Afterwards dh and the kids worked on a dinosaur present that A-man got from his party. It was a block of sand that you chipped away until you got to the dinosaur.

Tomorrow the A-man will stay home as he is still under the weather. Z-girl will go to preschool...not sure if she will like going knowing her buba will be home with me and she will not.


  1. Fun re-post!! I didn't pay attention to the date at the top, so you should have seen the confused look on my face when you stated it was almost 80 degrees. I was wondering what alternate universe you were IN yesterday!! LOL!!

  2. The alternative universe of my MIND! ;)

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  4. I love people watching too, because we are so diverse and like you said unique. We should have people zoo's! I mean we have the TV show 'Big Brother' we just need to step it up a notch. LOL

  5. Keep up the "lady" series and add some more lady characters! A-man can handle them all!!