Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a few words on the effects of caffiene on the unsuspecting....

from my husband. He's working tonight -he does some assistive living in a rental house we have with a young man that has autism, bipolar, and a few other things. Z and I met the two of them for coffee is the story although I may have to edit a couple words hee hee.

I have learned a valuable lesson today on Barrista's and how important the dosage is to double check.
When they say "here is your fruity frozen delicious non-caffeinated drink have a nice day." It pays to ask "are you sure that is decaf?" I am sure there there are folks that have caffeine allergies, enjoy sleeping at night or just plain want a fruity frozen delicious non-caffeinated drink that would appreciate the reasurrance of some kind of CAR(caffeine administration record). I assume today was a mistake as I have never seen the young lady before and have not to my knowledge ****** (made her mad) off in some way. Maybe she was having a bad day and decided to pass some of it along to her unsuspecting guests. Maybe I reminded her of her 5th grade science teacher that failed her for no reason. Maybe it was quite the opposite. Perhaps she enjoyed a hard hitting middle of the night caffeine buzz and said "this is a good thing I will pass it along so someone else can enjoy it.

The moral: a double shot of espresso cleverly administered in a sugary frozen drink late in the day can make one's day interesting.

We were about to leave and this girl brings us another frozen drink over explaining that she had mixed his wrong. I am sure big T, my hubby, and my eyes bugged out at realizing this. What he thought was a frozen non caffeine fact....had a couple shots of espresso in it. So now my husband is dealing with..well...a whole lot right now. HE will likely not sleep tonight. Sortof funny.....but not. ;)


  1. As someone who isn't even supposed to HAVE caffeine, this would have been an absolute nightmare...poor hubby!!!

  2. Wow! One expresso is strong enough, but two and oh my goodness I can only imagine the buzz that your husband experienced that day. Poor guy!

  3. One of life's good (but bad) stories! Do you think someone gave one of these to my Mom??

  4. Blossom it wasn't hubby it was the man with MI that he works with! Even wourse!