Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Son....

is such a mystery. Technically speaking....on paper he is developmentally delayed, autism, MR, Prader-willi, his bio parents where borderline...etc etc.  He is also such an awesome child...he is a people person...he is a people (well peeps over 15;) Magnet. If we go somewhere I have learned...there is no hurry...most people WANT to talk to him. (and those are the people I especially like :) His bio grandma said when he was a baby he was going to be a preacher...I chuckled inside at that when he was a babe but gosh if it is possible for a SN's person to be one he will be.

This year I have pondered if he would be able get addition and subtraction concrete. It's been YEARS working on this...he's 10...sometimes he will get it and other times (usually during the yearly required testing I HATE TESTING;) he will act like he has never heard of the concept. Reading has been a similiar process...he is 10 but at a barely 2nd grade level...it will seem like he has it....then 3 steps forward 4 steps back.

But the questions he asks! now sometimes they are questions he knows the answers to, questions to irk someone, but then he comes up with some that make ME think!

Today (and I should have written down the exact words as they were better than mine) he asked where we were before we were born. Were we dead? I told him that God knew of us before we were born but that I didn't know the answer to his question. His mind is constantly working....


  1. Hi There - My husband and I are considering adopting a baby girl with Prader-Willi. We have five beautiful kiddos at home right now. One is a foster child that may or may not stay for the duration. We have fallen for this beautiful baby but we want to make sure that we understand her situation as fully as possible before we proceed. Do you have any thoughts or advice that you can share? Thank you for your time! Blessings - Mama

  2. I would gladly give you my thoughts! I will type up some info later tonight. How old is the baby?