Friday, February 26, 2010

10 years ago this weekend...

we were blessed with the sweetest baby boy that came to live with us. It has been an adventure ever since. I have another blog and in honor of A~man's coming home weekend I am going to repost a blog entry from years of my favorites. It is titled-

THE GRUMPY LADY (11-05-2005 ) PART I

My son is obsessed with the grumpy lady....let me explain who she is.

DH and I ten or so years ago lived riding bikes. Sometimes we would actually ride our bikes to work. Well it was a Sunday afternoon some 10 years ago when we first encountered The Grumpy Lady We were downtown (downtown=antique shops, art galleries, coffee shops, boutiques) with a group of friends and decided to get an iced drink at the coffee shop. Well we put our bikes next to this brick wall pillar as at the time there were no bike thingies to put them in. Out of this art gallery comes this crabby woman YELLING at us that we HAD to move we were going to smear her windows and block her store Now we were NOT teenagers we were adults had she talked to us in a civil manner I would not be sitting here talking about the bitty.

Well fast forward to summer of 2005...DH works downtown and most days before he gets out of work the kids and I take our afternoon walk up and down the street. As A-man says "we are getting our excercise" Well initially he was drawn to Grumpy Lady's store as there were huge copper sculptures of lions, elephants (which he is also obsessed with)..Well he put his hands up to the window touching it and I said "oh no don't do that the grumpy lady will come out!" So there and then against my better judgement I told him the story of the Grumpy Lady So now obviously SHE has been his newest obsession....

Well a couple weeks ago we all decided to go to Hannah Flannagans for dinner which btw is located downtown. There was a 15 minute wait so we stood outside as it was a nice evening. Well....guess who I see walking down the street towards us?? Grumpy Lady Now I started to go into panic mode...My son is known to say ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that comes to his mind. I managed to get dh's attention and we distracted ds by having his back turned and we pointed to a pretty girl.(it's the only thing I could think of and he LIKES pretty girls ) Phew we thought we avoided an incredibly uncomfortable situation....WRONG! She walks back up the sidewalk back to her store...I guess she forgot something? It's too late he sees her....he attracts her attention...he starts into his "what's your name?" she tells him. Well he says it.............ARE YOU THE GRUMPY LADY?? I feel myself sinking into the sidewalk...I turn...I HAVE to and start talking to Z-girl acting like I didn't hear what A-man said...I let dh deal with's still an embarassing blur in my mind.

So after she leaves we explain to him that it wasn't a very nice thing to say. In all reality of course it was OUR fault and it came back to bite us on the butt. So now and evermore she is referred to as The Nice Lady with the Art Gallery

Topsy can you figure out who/where this happened??? HAHAHHA


  1. I know EXACTLY who you are talking about and YES, she IS grumpy (not the word, I would use, but let's go with it!!) Hey, if more people told her she was grumpy maybe she would get a clue. Go A-man!! ;)

  2. Great story and well told. It made me smile for all of those times we've all wanted to call a spade a spade. Nice alternative plan, since we all still have to live in reality.