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TOS Review~Let’s Measure It Project Pack from In the Hands of a Child

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What is a lapbook? Generally a lapbook is an educational method that involves making "mini-books" about a subject that a child is learning about. Inside these books is space for a timeline, vocabulary words, pictures, graphs, drawings and sometimes places for the child to write about the subject. In our 7+ years of homeschooling I have only made a couple and it has been a few years since the last one I made. When I was given the chance to do a review on In the Hands of a Child's Let's Measure it Project Pack I thought it would be a fun refresher for me, plus measuring is something that my son who has special needs could use some refreshing on. This particular lapbook is for grades K-3 but even though my son is older it was very applicable for him.

Let's Measure It Curriculum

I am going to list some pros and cons I found while trying out this lapbook:

  • A very "hands on" way to learn, which would be great for a variety of learners.
  • The student can participate in creating the project.
  • You could use the same lapbook with various ages of kids making it a great "together" type project for your family.
  • Lapbooks are a great way to include a variety of subjects into one project.
  • The books would be a convenient  way to come back and review a subject in the future.
  • They could be kept and passed down to younger siblings in years to come.
  • Very portable. I can see them being an awesome way to bring learning along with you in the car!
  • In the Hands of a Child simplifies it as all you have to do is print it out. (well and then put it together)


  • Here is the main con I found. They take a LONG time to make, at least for me, haha. I did most of the cutting for this one and when I do another I will let (make) the kids do more of the cutting.
  • Depending on how you went about it lapbooks could be a bit expensive. (We are on a tight budget right now) I bought colored folders and colored paper and next time will probably do some laminating. I am sure they could be done less expensively but I love color and I know for my son especially it keeps things interesting to have the color contrast. So...I guess you could say if you did it the way I want to do them, it could be a little expensive. ;)

Will I make another lapbook again?

YES! I already have a state one that I am going to start making (with a little more child labor ;) before we go on a vacation to a state the kids and hubby have never been to. 

What is the price to buy a lapbook from In the Hands of a Child and what grades are they appropriate for? 
In the Hands of a Child has various lapbook and notepack options for all grades including high school and have over 450 different subjects to choose from. They are having a special right now for the month of August and many of their products, including Let's Measure It, are on sale for $5...which I think is an excellent price for the download we got. Check out the other reviews as there are several separate lapbooks that were reviewed by the Schoolhouse Review Crew!


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