Monday, August 26, 2013

Back To School (warning...possibly offensive to some)

I keep seeing this photo pop up on my Facebook with certain friends and relatives posting it as their children go back to school. I must say, I am not amused. While I must admit that I would very much enjoy an occasional break from my kids, I consider it an honor to stay home and teach them. In saying that I am not implying that my days are easy and that my children are perfectly behaved. Especially NOT Mondays. What is it about Mondays? Oh and mornings in general typically do not start well until after breakfast. 

How do my days start? EVERY morning the same questions. Mom, what are we doing for breakfast? These are the words I hear before my eyes even pop open from the A~man. It's as if one morning he thinks that perhaps we will not eat breakfast. I guess that's the Prader-Willi Syndrome talking. He doesn't just ask it once, he asks it over and over until he sees what we are having. I have thought about doing a menu calendar, (showing him what he is having the next day) but so far I am just not that organized!

Z~girl in the morning? Well she is following in her mama's footsteps as when I was her age, it was best just not to talk to me before 10 am....(sometimes that is how I am now...shhhhhh!)

But still, I feel blessed being able to have my children at home teaching them. Do I think everyone in the world should homeschool? Not at all. I do like that we live in a country that allows us the freedom to choose how we educate our children and I also know there are a lot of excellent schools out there. But to celebrate the fact that they are not with you just seems sort of sad to me. 

I know of a couple fellow homeschool mamas that have either finished up their last year of homeschooling or are starting their last year. I cannot even imagine what that must be like. It makes me want to slow down and even on the difficult days enjoy this time with my duo as the days pass by so fast.

I must confess, this morning I have gotten a late start to beginning our lessons. I consider this a perk of homeschooling though as in our home some of the best learning takes place after 10 AM. After this mama has had her second cup of coffee that is..... Our day today will be filled with lessons, Lego, and some free puzzle games. Oh and Coffee. Lots of coffee!


  1. I agree with you. I have also seen that meme on FB and the first thing that crosses my mind is that parents are so glad to be apart from their kids. I know I take it more harshly than I'm sure what's intended (at least in most cases), but it makes me sad. I can't imagine being away from my boys for that many hours, 5 days a week. Sure, there are days where I think I have lost my mind, lol, but I wouldn't trade homeschooling for anything! :)


  2. I whole-heartedly agree with you. I homeschool and treasure the time spent with my children. When I was a child, I went to public school, and I remember vividly that while other parents were rejoicing that their kids were going back to school, my mom was always a bit sad. She enjoyed us being home during the summer doing family activities, and she missed us when we went back to school. That had a big effect on me then, knowing that other parents were joking about how happy they were their kids were leaving, but knowing that my mom liked having us around. I would never want my kids to hear me saying anything that would indicate I did not want them around!!

  3. I figured I wasn't the only one! ;) Now, I can appreciate the photos I see posted from friends, happy first day photos of their children, where the parents/kids are just excited to start learning again and be with their friends. But rejoicing to not have to be around their children? Sad. :(

    I remember my mom also being a bit sad that school was starting back up. I was the baby of the family and it made her realize how fast her other 4 children grew up.

  4. I'm with you! I saw that photo on FB and thought, how awful for their kids. I have always loved having my kids home all day. Now in our 30th year of homeschooling I only have Jeremiah and Bethany left to teach. I wish all my kids were little again! It is a privilege and a blessing to be able to homeshcool in my opinion! We never made it to our fair this year. It was the first time in about 29 years that we missed it!