Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sometimes it takes...

your child to open up your eyes to what God wants to say to you. I've had a rough couple of weeks. Starting school up after a month break, getting sick, my own medicine changes, yada yada yada. I have just gotten behind with EVERYTHING. Add in the fact I need to start planning in our vacation that will be this fall. 

Today at the grocery store I saw him. Who is he? It's the minister of a church that my father in law went to a couple of years before he passed away of cancer. It is a simple (I mean that in a good way) and small church. The minister has a heart of gold and his mission is to help people in need. People that need food. I mean actual food. I will say he is very obese and in a wheelchair. I am not saying this to discriminate about people that are obese or in a wheel chair but something about seeing him strikes home in correlation with PWS. His desire is to make sure people have food. Can you see the connection?

 Anyway A~man, even though he was 5 when his pop-pop passed away remembers Pastor M...he is drawn to him as Pastor M seriously has a heart of gold. You can feel God's love surrounding this man. But sometimes when we go to the grocery store we want to get what we need and go home. Our days, even the good ones, are exhausting at times, dealing with special needs and normal life issues. So...I see Pastor M before A~man does and I try to avoid those I want to hurry and get home. (Yes, I have my not so nice moments) But no. God has other plans.

We meet up in an aisle. A~man (who also has a heart of gold) sees him in his wheelchair and is instantly drawn to pastor M. At that moment I once again realize how truly holy and pure my son is, so much more than I could ever hope to be. You see, he takes the time to go over to him, ask how his wife and daughter are, and how HE is. Which in itself forces hubby and I to go over there and converse. How wondrous it is that a child that in societies eyes is disabled... is so much more compassionate and caring than I am. I am selfish, I want to go home and rest. A~man? He genuinely wants to know how pastor M is and his family. I strive to be more like that!!

I read things about trying to "cure" autism, cure whatever disability. I wonder if my son's many disabilities were "cured" would it take away this caring spirit also? I am probably in the minority...but as my blog implies...I learn so much from my son who has special needs. Sometimes it seems he is closer to God than I am. Does that make sense? 

Oh, and get this. Would you like to know what yada, yada, yada's various meanings are?  Sharing love, sharing mercy, acting justly and something to be known. Sometimes it takes a child to teach us all that.


  1. I am with you completely! Like A-man, my son also has a purity of spirit that humbles me so often. He lives in the moment, embracing each new day with happiness. I have also learned so much from both of my children. Thank you for this lovely post.

  2. Thank you for your very sweet response! :)