Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back To School!

Homeschool that is! Have I gotten all of my lesson plans done? No. Goals for the first 9 weeks? No, well...not written down on paper. I started last week out so strong but did not get everything done I wanted. My house isn't spotless like I wanted. (you would think by now I would have learned my lesson with that one!)

Still....tomorrow is the day. I have pretty much all of the curriculum I need and the teacher resources ready to go so the kids are ready and the the planning can be done in time. My Z~girl needs a real boost in math this year and I was so proud of her that she found some curriculum in our basement (a division workbook) and started that up on her own last week. I internally giggled and smiled with pride that she is realizing that it isn't a negative thing to need help in a subject. She tends to be a perfectionist and most things come super easy for her, her pride was hurt I think when she came to realize that math was not going to come easy. BUT it seems like she is now going to tackle it head on! She also started the new year on her own last week with her Time4learning program.

While my Z~girl is very self motivated my son isn't. BUT he is also ready to start up again as he thrives for routine. He has been a bit bored in July, lol. Once his routine is in place I know he will not be saying that he is bored and we will have fewer behavior issues. I'm especially excited about the science education class he is going to begin this week. Mainly for science we tend to take the unschool method. This allows for a lot of exploration but I think trying something out more formal with him is going to be a lot of fun. 

Oh, and this week Z~girl will be turning 12...sniff sniff. So a couple days this week we will be taking school outside as we are going to go camping. She would much rather go camping than have a birthday party. (she takes after her mama with that) So we are all looking forward to a fun week!


  1. Very cool! Sounds like you are gearing up for a great school year!

  2. We don't start officially until after Labor Day, so I'm still stalling on my planning, lol.

    I do hope your back to school week has gone well so far, and happy birthday to your Z~girl! :)


  3. It's always funny to me that kids are so different from one another. I mean, it goes without saying, but we spend all day everyday together, you'd think that some things would be the same. Like you, I've got one pretty excited kid and one not so much. :) Happy first week of school and Happy Birthday to your birthday girl!