Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Break?

Well, this week I had planned on taking a spring break. Our plans are foiled as we have been passing around a really nasty cold the last 5 days. It started with A~man...and I thought Z and I had escaped it. Saturday morning Z woke up with it and it hit me hard last night.

This is A~man Wednesday, rosy cheeks and all. I cannot believe they can still fit in that tent. It's from when they were preschoolers and they drug it out to play. Oddly Buster kept going in there even when the kids weren't. (hiding?? heehee)

We obviously didn't get to go to church but we did get to dye some Easter eggs.

We did get out for a little hike as we desperately needed some fresh air.

We went to one of our favorite local places!

I was really hoping for an overnight trip somewhere this week but that may have to wait. I've already told the kids they were taking a break this week so I can't back out on that. I'm hoping to get them to watch some educational videos with me though and maybe do some printable worksheets as we do not normally do worksheets/workbooks. Anything to keep them busy while this gunk runs its course through the house. Dear hubby is next so I hope I can feel better before he gets it.


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