Sunday, March 17, 2013

Homeschool writing

When it comes to writing we have taken an "unschooling" approach the last few years as we have not used a homeschool writing course for quite some time. Does this mean they do not write? Not at all! Z~girl writes stories, letters to family, and she writes in a diary. Thankfully she lets me read them and is usually very open to me correcting grammar,punctuation, and spelling errors with her. For A~man he loves writing letters, he is learning to type more on the computer, and I also do some copywork with him.

One thing in particular that has really helped Z~girl is that several times a year she likes to come out with a newspaper. She does the weather, comics, things we have done recently and sometimes even sports. At times we are able to even get A~man to contribute some art. (but not this time LOL) We send this to some of our family to show them what we have been up to and Z also likes to give one to our sweet grandma-like neighbor across the road.

She does almost all of the paper on her own but I assist her by showing her misspellings, typos, and grammar mistakes. I've been trying to talk her into creating a separate blog for her and I, but the though of it seems to overwhelm her. That is exactly how I felt years ago when I first started blogging but taking an actual blog course really helped me become more confident in my writing. I'm going to give her a couple of months and approach her again as I think blogging would be a good way for her to work on some creative writing. I would love to hear about other diverse ways homeschoolers teach writing without or in addition to an actual curriculum!


  1. What a fine job Z-girl does with her writing and newspaper creation! I believe there is a future for her in area of communications and journalism. Your blogging is always so interesting and informative. I have learned alot from reading it.

  2. What a wonderful newspaper! Love it! :)