Saturday, February 1, 2014

Light Bulb Moments

Definition- A moment of sudden inspiration, revelation, or recognition; from the cartoon image of a light bulb lighting up above a character's head when he or she has an idea. 

What does this mean to a homeschooling mama of a child with special needs? It is indescribable.

If I were to tell most of my homeschool mom friends about this they just would not understand. My son is 14 and he is finally "getting" telling time. Yes, this is a skill normally learned in early primary grades, and he has had it almost learned for many years. He does understand that time is passing but he just has never been accurate with an analog clock. It just seems with many skills he gets to a certain point and there is no pushing it beyond that point. That is the point where I have learned to step back, reevaluate, and decide the next step. For us it is to work on a different skill. I have learned over the years this does not mean failure, but that for now it is time to back off.

BUT THIS WEEK...I think I actually saw the light bulb above his head!! The issue has been once the time is beyond the halfway mark that the small hand is pointing more to the next he assumes it is the next number. (e.g. He would think 2:48 is instead 3:48) I remember being confused myself as a child with this. Somehow now I can tell him (and he understands) that you must always look at what the small hand was pointing at first going clockwise. That sounds like gibberish but however I must have explained it to him must have "clicked"!! 

Now if I could get him to add/subtract without using his fingers. He can carry and borrow...but this year I tried to make an effort to get him to not use his fingers using which is like online flashcards. The results? He can use his fingers very fast to add. Hahaha! I think I need to come to peace with the fact he has to have the visual. (and has to verbalize it...much to his sister's annoyance)

With special needs learning it so much (at least for us!) three steps forward...two steps back. This can be frustrating at times but let me tell you what...when there is progress I feel like celebrating! It makes homeschooling challenging but so rewarding when you look back at how far your child has come. When we started he could not sit in a chair more than 10 minutes and pay attention and now he can for much longer! Also he wants to learn more and not just with the hundreds of somewhat random questions he asks but things beyond "is it living or non living" from his online science curriculum. He is now asking so many questions that even make us have to really think about the questions. I love to see the wheels turning in his head! 


  1. Love those "A ha!: moments here! And for a long time now, when one of has one, we say "light bulb," a la Gru from Despicable Me. :D

  2. Way to go A man! You know I sooo agree with you. For my son too...sometimes all it takes is a little more time. I love, love, love your blog photo. You should shoot a calendar....I would definitely buy one!

    1. Lisa I think I am learning to be a more patient person...slowly...he will learn at his pace, not the pace I expect. Thank you! What a neat idea with the calendar! I have actually thought of making postcards with some of my photos and selling them on Etsy...I may need to look into that!