Sunday, February 9, 2014

Through the eyes of your child...

I desperately need a new profile picture for work and for my Google+. Obviously anyone that knows me locally or has read my blog knows I love to take pictures!! But I do NOT like to be in front of a camera. It's not that I think I am unattractive but normally when I see a photo of myself I do not like it. I always have a "say cheese" very unnatural look on my face.

Exhibit #1- 

Now, while there is nothing really wrong with this photo it is not a real smile...and I do not care for it at all. This is my typical facial expression when someone tells me to SMILE

Next, I handed the camera to my daughter and had her take some photos of her mama. Yes, they are a bit out of focus but I LOVE them! A super model I am not but I hope these goofy facial expressions are something I display to my husband and children on a regular basis! 

Exhibit #2

Each one displays a more realistic image of my personality...

Exhibit #3

Which is obviously extremely goofy at times...especially when having fun with my family. 

Exhibit # 4

Me trying to grab the camera from "said" child's hands.

A close up is something I wouldn't dream of posting but this one Z~girl took of me I love! Wrinkles, age spots and all!

Exhibit # 5

For me I see very blue/green eyes and smiley wrinkles...which are completely okay in my book!

How does your child see you? I know plenty of times my duo see my angry look, (not pictured but I'm sure more wrinkles would be visible) but I hope they always remember me for my often silliness and smiles! 

Right now I have a bumper sticker on our "redneck mobile" (long story...but I may take a photo of it soon) it says "Wag more, bark less"....for this next week let me advise you all to SMILE more bark less...and think about the face your family is seeing. The face that they love!

Hint, Hint, I would LOVE to see some of my blogger friends hand the camera sometime to their kids this week...see yourself the way your children see you. 


  1. I for one LOVE your smiley wrinkles and silly faces. To me they are all beautiful!! You ARE a super model to me. I know the children think you are the most beautiful mama in the world and have heard them say so on numerous occasions.

  2. I love the photos! :) I also desperately need a "professional" looking photo for social media as opposed to random selfies. Here's hoping the weather breaks at some point in the next few weeks so I can get that finished! (and also...what a sweet husband!!)

  3. Beautiful photos, Joy! Thanks for sharing them with us! :)