Monday, February 24, 2014

Do Over Days

I originally posted this last year on my work blog at but I decided that on occasion I would post some of my favorites from the past over here. 

Have you heard of them? These types of homeschool days are something that over the years our family has implemented, especially when having to deal with special need issues.

 Particularly in the past when my son was much younger as he had great difficulty controlling his words and actions. Basically, he often would not think things through before doing something. When this happened repetitively, which was often the case, something had to change in the day.

My daughter too, especially when she was younger, has had to have a restart to her day when attitudes and words have gotten sassy.

But wait! I cannot forget myself. Years ago I had severe PMS issues that would cause my normally calm demeanor to be short tempered. Children are not the only ones that may need a restart to their day.

What did we do? Sometimes I would suggest we start our day over or one of the kids would say they needed a do over. A little bit of grace goes a long way in turning a terrible, horrible, not good day around. If there were days when we did not do this and instead muddled through, the day usually ended up being completely unproductive and quite honestly draining.

Typically we would go to a quiet place alone (the key) and either read quietly, play quietly, or take a short nap. After a certain amount of time we would come back together and if needed apologize and ask forgiveness. Usually hugging would be involved too. If it was a homeschool day I would try to pick a fun activity like reading a book to them, doing some art together, or exploring our yard to give the day a fresh and positive restart.

Do any of your homeschool days ever need a do over?


  1. All the time!

    There are times where we just need to stop for the day. There are times when my kids just need to nap. There are times where the day is better served with snuggles and movies.

    That is one of the amazing things about homeschooling. The ability to rearrange and reorganize the day to better suit the needs of the child and family!

  2. We have do overs all the time! My kids will ask for redos when they know the day has had a rough go ( for me or them). And then I have those days when we just ditch school all together and just take a play day! Thanks for linking this up this week for MMM link up party!

  3. We have do over days all the time. Not always school related. lolol Love to know we are not the only ones. :)

  4. Love this and yes, do overs are pretty frequent around here too!