Saturday, January 25, 2014

January Blahs

It happens every year. I could probably go back to most of my blog posts in January and it is the same thing. January and part of February are months that I wish I could just become a bear and hibernate. Depression rears its ugly head when I am not able to get sunshine and get out and walk. I LOVE to walk. We have been going to the mall a few times a week to walk but somehow the fluorescent lighting has the opposite affect that the sunshine does for me.

Trying to keep things positive while homeschooling can be challenging too when you have children that thrive with being able to be outside exploring. As cold as it is currently where we live some snow to play in would be a welcome sight also as well as a fun potential weather lesson.*ducking*  I know that a lot of the country has been blasted with excessive snow but we have only been blasted with frigid temperatures where even the dog does not want to go outside.

This leaves me with contemplating ideas to lift my own spirit and everyone having to spend so much time inside. Here is a list I have come up with-

1. Try some new recipes. Here are some that I have made this week that we LOVED!

2. Read some good books. Right now I am multitasking and reading both-

3. We've dusted off the Wii as the kids and I haven't played it in a long time and we have been bowling. (oh and Z~girl is an amazing boxer with it) We even brought it over to the inlaws and grandma seems to really enjoy the bowling. Grandpa? He is healing from shoulder surgery on his rotator cuff that was totally destroyed from moving. 

4. Something I want to do is start an art journal and doodle daily. I LOVE to draw...but never do it anymore. If I ever start it is always so therapeutic for me. 

5. Also this year I bought a chronological Bible that I have been working my way through. Honestly I have not read the Bible all the way through since college and I thought this would be a neat way to do it. 


A question for any of my outdoorsy friends...How do you get through the gloomy months of winter with a smile on your face?

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