Monday, February 3, 2014

It Was a Yucky Day

It was a yucky day. was okay up until the middle of the afternoon when things spiraled down hill. Looking back I can always see how I could have prevented the day from a downward flush, but also I have learned that I am only human and there are going to be times I do not deal with situations perfectly.

We had Geography club today which I (and a couple of our other friends) did not remember about until two days before. The night before I could not sleep and felt like a slug for most of the day. It was a country we had studied before, Australia, and fortunately our family was only to present about notable inventions that came from Australia. But....two days is a lot to ask a typical child to prepare for, but a child with memory issues (sometimes I wonder if they are selective though ;) who ironic to his personality gets nervous speaking in front of a group, equals him being set up not to be very successful. Z~girl? She remarkably memorized what she was supposed to say with very little help from me. A~man? He got the deer in the headlights look that I am common for.

Anyway, I told him that he could have a cup of coffee later if he did as well at Geo club as he had been doing at home practicing. (*ducking* YES, I have been known to bribe him with coffee) He didn't. In the past we have told him he could have a cup of coffee (just a couple times a week) when we were done with a long walk...but looking back reinforcing him for being able to stand up in front of the group virtually unprepared was not fair.

I wasn't going to back down though as that would cause a whole new set of problems so I told him he could earn it back after his school work the next day. This didn't help.  Z~girl, and I were sitting in our redneck SUV (a whole nuther post) with a 14 year old A~man throwing a 3 year old tantrum while my hubby was in the bank. It wasn't purdy. I was so nervous someone would hear him and wonder what the ruckus was about. Before it got real ugly I sent Z~girl in to get hubby...thankfully so, as when she left he started throwing things...such as a tire pump. *note to self-clean out the car*

Once we got home he calmed down for a bit until after we were done eating dinner and then he got irritable again. I sent him upstairs and he remembered that he had lost his iPod that week...and started blaming hubby for its disappearance. We do not know what happened to it but it was not his daddy. Shortly after he went to bed, unhappy.

Days like this remind me that, days like this are not as common as they used to be. There was a time 3 or 4 years ago that he would have meltdowns a few times a week. Now it is just a couple of times a month. (well, the big ones) Something good about Prader-willi syndrome is that in the morning all will be right with the world too if I start the day out positively, which I will.


I do have some good news! After pestering my hubby for years to start blogging, as he loves to write, he has started to blog!! I encourage any of my blogging buddies to follow him as he will be posting about a lot of fun homeschooling things he does with A&Z!! 

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