Monday, September 9, 2013

A Mama Confession...

What's in his cup you may ask....?

Coffee. I confess that a few times a week A~man gets a cup of coffee. Now if anyone has read how over active my son can be this may seem crazy. But actually coffee noticeably makes him calmer and more grounded. GROUNDED? get it?

When he was younger,on very rare occasions when we had to be somewhere early we would give him a couple of sips and it would always help get his medicine started working faster. He would be ready for his special needs learning.

When we go out to eat breakfast at a restaurant he normally gets one cup. One time a waitress who thought she was doing right said she gave him decaf. Then we explained that coffee actually has the opposite effect on A~man!

Anyway, that is my confession for the day...and look at that smiling face! (with a bit of a mustache, it's been shaved off since the photo ;) 

Hopefully today is the beginning of a great week! After lunch we have Geography Club which both kids always love. After that we will probably finish some of our science education activities and hopefully also go for a long walk or hike before dinner. 


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  1. One bad side-effect of going full time? I'm WAY behind on my bloggy reading!! :( Trying to get caught up on a couple of my faves, including yours, of course. We ALWAYS noticed that coffee had positive effects on Andy's ADD. He could focus much better caffeinated. The trick was not over-doing it. Too much coffee kept him up at night. Too little made his ADD worse. One cup was usually the right balance for him.