Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Most embarrassing moments

Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill. 

This is on a lighter note obviously than my previous post. Honestly there have been so many embarrassing moments for me over the last 42+ years that I have probably blocked the worst ones. Here are just a few I remember.

~Off and on I have had problems with TMJ. (temporomadibular joint aka my jaw) This was caused by the fact that I used to grind my teeth horribly. Well when I was younger a couple of times we would be eating at a restaurant and my mouth would get stuck open while I was eating. Nice huh? Thankfully that doesn't happen anymore.

~When I was middle school age I signed up to sing with my best friend in a talent show and we practiced for weeks. When it was time for the show I couldn't sing a peep. I was frozen and terrified. She sang a solo with me standing there silently in a stupor. I can't tell you the backlash I got for that for a long time. Not from my friend...but pretty much everyone that witnessed it. Ever since then the only one to ever hear me sing is my dog and my kids.

~Early on in high school I had a situation where a "pad" disappeared while I was wearing it at school. I never did find it. 

~When I was nursing with Z~girl I .....hmmm how do I say it? I had an OVERABUNDANCE. I could have fed a couple other children the first few months. Well at this time I had to weekly take my son (he was our foster son at the time) to visitation with his birth mom. Due to some issues with his extended family I had my own personal social worker (who hubby and I referred to as my second husband....long story...he just had to be with me wherever we went if there was potential of b-family being there) One time I was in DSS standing in the hallway with this man...I look down and my shirt in the chest area is soaked with milk...despite the constant pads I kept in my bra. Oh and the strange thing about breast feeding...once I saw it...there was not a thing I could do to keep it from getting worse.


  1. You are a brave, brave woman to spill your secrets. It's a good idea to be nice to me forever now. ;)

  2. FORTUNATELY, I think I deleted the worst one before you could see it. Hehehehe!