Sunday, July 15, 2012

This week flew....

I cannot believe it is Sunday! Looking back I'm not certain where last week went. It was a lot cooler, so between rainstorms we would hike and play outside. When it was too hot to go outside we would play some  online educational games or in Z's case, destroy our dining area with craft supplies. ;) On my birthday Thursday we even took a hike in the light rain. It was sooo nice and cool. Yesterday we went to see a part of some waterfalls that we frequent, at a section we haven't seen before.

It had a really neat covered bridge on it. I'm hoping to bring the family back there in the fall to do some family photos as it was the perfect setting. (although there were a LOT of people there today despite this empty photo) 

While it wasn't really hot, the humidity was so high due to all of the rain we have gotten and the air was absolutely thick. On the way back down Z~girl got unusually quiet, lost the bounce in her skip, and almost passed out! I'm guessing it was because of the mugginess.

Thankfully dad has a good back and carried her the rest of the way.

After that we got some Icees from Burger King and headed home to watch some educational videos and also some movies on Netflix. UNFORTUNATELY I ran out of time this week to do the backpack tutorial but it is on my TO DO list for this next week. 


  1. Please keep that Z-girl hydrated!! Sorry she was feeling was VERY humid.

  2. She wants a camel back for her that should help!

  3. Glad you were able to enjoy being outside in between raindrops! We are having the opposite problem in the North east! Hope Zgirl is feeling ok now!

  4. My kiddos love Burger Kings Icie's! I've nominated you for the Liebster award since I just love your blog. You can read about it here. Many blessings!

  5. Aww thanks!!! What a nice surprise to wake up to. I'll pass it on.