Sunday, July 29, 2012

Liebster Award

A week ago a couple of wonderful fellow bloggers gave me an award!! I can't tell you how this made my day. I'm going to do two separate posts for it and the first award was the Liebster Award. Momma of 4 Cuties gave it to me.  Admittedly, I did not know what Liebster meant, hahah. Evidently it is German and means: sweetest, kindest, nicest,dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, values, cute, endearing, and welcome. I'm not sure about other bloggers but sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself here in blog-land. So to get an award totally tickles me. This award is given to up and coming bloggers that have less than 200 followers. The winner of the award has to tell 5 random facts about themselves, and nominate 5 blogs for the Liebster Award.

OK first, 5 random facts about me. Hmmm...

1. I am a total night owl. Seriously, if I am in bed before midnight it is early for me! 

2. I am VERY quiet in person unless I know you very well and are comfortable with you. I think this makes some people VERY NERVOUS, haha. 

3. I am from a tiny town that had a population of 500...including cattle. ;)

4. I struggled with infertility for about 10 years.

5. I still want a pony. Yes I was one of those horse crazy girls and I never outgrew it. I will get my pony. :)

Now I get to pick 5 blogs. I have been thinking about this all week! 

1. On a Life Less Perfect -This blogger also has a son with Prader-willi Syndrome. I love to read about her families challenges and triumphs.

2. Amazing Adventures of Ayden Jane-This is another blogger that has a child with PWS. Let me tell you this little miss has spunk! I love reading about her antics. I hope I can meet this family some day as they are not that far away from us.

3. HEART'S CRY- I actually went to high school with Heather in that little town I mentioned in my random facts. She was a "country kid" though and I was a "city kid". HAHA! I always wished we had lived on a farm! She has grown into an extremely wise and thoughtful Christian woman and I'm guessing she still has the same contagious laugh she did in high school.

4. Just Outside of Ordinary- "Cortana" (not her real name;) is one of my best friends EVER. Seriously. Even though she lives on the opposite coast we have been through infertility woes and every type of special need incident you could think of. I have met her once in person but text with her several times a week. She's like a life line during the times I would like to pull all of my hair out.

5. Peskypixie's Blog- I call L my aussie twin sister as our birthdays are very close and I can identify with so much of what my dear friend goes through. We have a lot of the same interests but she is much more productive with her talents. She is so crafty, creative and has a heart of gold. I REALLY want to visit her one day.

I highly recommend reading these 5 blogs. I always look forward to reading what is going on in their worlds!

I love blogging! Such a fun way to express yourself and quite honestly at times, vent. I'm hoping to get my daughter started blogging this year as a part of her creative writing curriculum.  Thank you so much for the Liebster Award Momma of 4 Cuties!


  1. Congrats! I also nominated you for the versatile blogger award! It's yours if you want it!

  2. I definitely want it! I'm going to do a separate post for it though. :) Thank you!!

  3. Would like to thank you kindly for acknowledging my blog. I am honored. I feel very fortunate to be able to connect with families like yours who also share our journey living with Prader Willi Syndrome. I also enjoy your inspiring photos. Thank you again.
    On a Life Less Perfect

  4. Thank you for bringing up these blogs. Even though I have retired from homeschooling my boys and direct mothering of my severely autistic daughter, I still love reading about how other people cope.