Monday, July 16, 2012

Professor B Math Review


Who IS professor B anyway? 

A man named Everard Barret was a professor in the the math program at a college in New York. He also taught high school mathematics in Brooklyn, New York. He wanted to find a way to improve math scores. He found a way to get 5th and 6th graders to do better than 9th graders from the same community. This accomplishment showed the way that Evarard Barrett's special math methodology could help improve the level of mastery in lower socio-economic areas of New York.


How does his program work?

Professor B Math is an educational website that helps a parent become the instructor capable of teaching the level of math the child needs with no advanced preparation. It's all there already. It was created for children Pre-K through 8th grade and is divided into 3 levels.

Level I
Pre-K-2nd graders and remediation of older learners. Introduction to addition/subtraction facts, counting to one hundred, basic addition and subtraction. Continuing on to more advanced addition and subtraction, place value fractional parts and order, time, and money.

Level II
3rd grade-5th grade with remediation of older learners. Multiplication/division facts, problem solving, introduction to fractions, fractional equivalence, and addition and subtraction fractions.

Level III
 6th grade-8th grades with remediation of older learners. Multiplication/division of fractions, decimals, percents.

There is a free placement test to determine which level your child should start at.

Initially, I admit I was confused as there is no sound with the program. There is a really good reason for this. Because this program is not a game, the purpose is not to leave the child by themselves during their time using this program. The parent as the instructor guides the child through each lesson. This ensures that the child is paying attention and not merely clicking through each task which could be easy to do. The program has voice bubbles that are the instruction the parent gives to the child.

A really cool aspect of Professor B Math is that you can print off worksheets to go along with many of the lessons.

For my 10 year old daughter I started Level II but began at the division section as she has already mastered multiplication. At first both of us were very confused with how they did it, but in the end the explanation really helped her to understand the concept of division much better. Division has always been very difficult for her. I really like that all of the information is laid out for you so you do not have a lot of planning simply sit down and guide your child through each lesson.

I started my 12 year old son on Level II also but we began at the multiplication. He has developmental delays so is behind what most 12 year old children would be at for this age. It was a neat way of doing it using your fingers/hands...a similar way in fact to how I was already approaching multiplication with him. They have a way of trying to quicken a child's response time to each fact. I can see it being beneficial to most students but because of the fact my son processes information slower he was not able to keep up with the speed. The good thing is that you can stop partway through (his attention span would not allow a whole lesson at one sitting) and go back to it at another time. It is a little tricky finding where you left off as it doesn't save this information BUT I found a way around this but just writing it down on a piece of paper as a reminder.

Here is the pricing-

-1 level is $20 a month
-2 levels are $35 a month
-3 levels are $45 a month

They have a new price for a yearly subscription that is not stated on the website yet. It can now be purchased for $100 for 3 years access to each level.

I would recommend Professor B as a great program to go along with an existing math program. I can definitely see how it would ingrain the information in a child to retain what they are learning.

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Disclaimer: I was provided complimentary access to the Professor B Math program in exchange for my honest review.



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