Sunday, July 1, 2012

10 things to do when it is too HOT to play outside.

I cannot remember it ever being as hot as it currently is here in NC. It's not the fun hot, where it is easy to cool down playing in the sprinkler or going to the pool. It is 100 degrees! We live in the mountains and I am just not used to it. This pale mama gets  pink walking from the house to the car! Plus, with A~man having Prader-willi syndrome, his body does not regulate extreme temperatures the way most people's body can. Our AC was even out for a few days during this heat wave, with the AC repair man not being able to come fix it until Monday. THANKFULLY, it started working Friday afternoon. Here's a list I came up with while looking around the internet of things to do inside when it is too hot to stay outside for long.

1. It's very important when it gets hot outside to stay hydrated. Here is an easy and very refreshing lemonade recipe or if you want to kick things up a bit, old fashioned pink lemonade. The recipe is so easy that even your kids could make it! What's neat about both recipes is that there is no artificial food coloring or high frutose corn syrup. It only has basic ingredients and I plan on making the pink version tonight after I send hubby to the grocery store. (I'm NOT going outside again while the sun is up;)

2. Make playdough! Even though my children are almost 11 and almost 13 *gulp* they still love to make and play with playdough. I especially like the kind that you use Koolade to color it as it also makes it smell so good!

3. Here's one we have never tried before (YET!) which could also be a fun science project. Flubber!

4. Speaking of science, here are four activities that I cannot wait to try out with the kids soon.
5. Are you ready for a little creativity for your clothes? Create an original t-shirt with Bleach Pen Painting! (highly recommend supervision :o)

6. Glow sticks in the tub. Not just for toddlers I say!

7. Listen to Homeschool Radio Shows online. I haven't listened to these yet but I thought it was a fun idea for some indoor afternoon entertainment.

8. Make your own terrarium. Bring the indoors in where you can stay nice and cool.

9. Play online Hangman (or hangMOUSE to be exact) or do an online word search puzzle to add some fun learning to their day.

10. Don't forget kids having fun in the kitchen. Here is a lunch recipe that looks super yum that won't heat up the kitchen, and would be simple enough for an older child to make by them self. (and maybe make YOU one too!)

Check back this week as I plan on coming up with another list of fun things to do when it is too hot to play outside. What do you and your children do to stay cool and entertained?


  1. great ideas and resources! Betty Boop has a hard time with the heat too! It doesn't help that she has a hard time giving up her warm winter outfits and blankey.

  2. They can be puzzling huh? My son right now has 2 comforters and two sheets on his bed. ( I need to take one off when he isn't looking) He isn't cold at night and normally sweating. Probably a sensory thing I'm guessing.

  3. I have to add that I sent hubby to store to get cranberry juice and he came home with one that has splenda(which we do not drink so we will take it back) and pomegranate juice. I substituted the pomegranate with less sugar than the recipe suggests and it is sooo good!!

  4. i wonder if she and maybe your son too, have no thermostat that tells them it is hot out. I have a 21 yr old son with high functioning autism too (he doesn't really want people to know too much about it) that has the opposite end- he doesn't get cold and never wants a blanket or anything more than a short sleeved t-shirt! go figure!

  5. Yeah my son's syndrome affects his hypothalmus which I believe regulates temperature. Oddly he will realize he is sweating but still want all that on top of him!

  6. It is hot here, too. We are spending more time in the water when we are outside but mostly staying in away from the heat more.

  7. Great ideas! I love you attitude of "fun and always learning" with your kids. Have you made a fairy container garden yet?

  8. No!! I remember awhile back seeing pictures of one online. That would definitely be fun!