Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gearing up for summer!

For me Memorial Day brings in summer. We were married on Memorial Day so it is a special weekend. This summer the kids and I are going to come up with a summer bucket list. Z~girl is still doing her Time4Learning work and also finishing up Aleks math for the year. With Aubrey I'm limiting  it to working on his multiplication tables, (he's doing so well!!) spelling, and of course reading. Also I really like this sentence matching game but we are into relaxed mode right now and will probably continue that way until August. So far these are some things Z and I have on our list. Make a Tepee, make a ragrug, camping, sew some clothes, make more jam,oh and making another giant slip and slide....that's only the beginning! Also on Z's list is a trip to SD but I'm not sure we can swing that. So I'm on the lookout for free/inexpensive ideas on how to have fun this summer. I would LOVE any ideas if you are reading this!

What is your family doing this summer?


  1. Sounds like some fun things for your summer!

  2. It sounds like fun! I think my summer is going to involve a lot of camping between my den and the Troop. lol