Friday, May 4, 2012

Free book~Animal Rescue

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For Girl Scouts this past year, my daughter and her friends chose to volunteer at a local no kill animal shelter in the city next to our own. Every week or so we would go and walk the dogs, bathe them, and generally socialize them. All of the girls LOVED it...ok so did I and eventually even my husband got excited about it. One of the dads and my husband decided to write an ebook about the adventure, and to hopefully raise some money to help the organization. For every book sold we are going to give a dollar to the animal shelter. For the next 24 hours the book will be free. Please check it out and feel free to review it if you would like!

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

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  1. Cool!!! I love that you guys volunteer at the rescue. I've thought about doing that with the boys but I can't see the fun in spending every visit fighting with the boys about why they can't take a new dog home. ;)

    Good luck with the book, can't believe I missed out on the freebie!!!!