Saturday, May 5, 2012

a full moon

Z~girl is at camp for the weekend (and I miss her MISERABLY...there, I admit it :( but it has given us the opportunity to give the A~man a lot of positive attention. He has a tummy bug, but ironically with him, he is really well behaved and more attentive when he is sick. He and I went outside around 8 pm looking for the moon...I wanted to take a photo. (did not WORK...that's the one thing I fail at taking photos of)

Keep in mind that in a lot of ways even though he is 12, he is at more of a 7 year old level. He knew I was getting frustrated that my photos were NOT working and saw the bright unidentifiable globe in my digital camera's preview. He said "Mom, get the face" I was like huh??? I'm trying to get a photo of the moon. A~man "you know, there is a face on the moon, see it?", it melted me to a puddle of of those moments you had to be there. It did make me think with his autism tendencies if he really thought there was an actual FACE on the know like Luna from Blues Clues.

Later we went out on our deck and he asked if it was the moon that was out front or if it was a different moon. I told him it's always the same moon. He also asked where it went when we couldn't see it. Now these are not normal questions for a 12 year old,  but none the less I got so much enjoyment in explaining, (what I though he already knew) how the moon does not go "into the earth", like he thought, but around. I had him hold up his fist as "Earth", and showed him with my fist how it keeps going around. I LOVED and ADORED the light bulb I saw in his eyes. A definite "AHA!!!" moment. I love those moments. He had learned about it before...but developmentally, now he was ready to understand the information.


  1. I love those moments where you have a glimpse of their brain working, and you feel like even the tiniest reward of comprehension is fuel to keep going. We were out and saw the moon as well tonight!

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment!

  3. so incredibly wonderful...LOVE that kiddo!! Hope Z-girl is safe and sound back where she belongs now. ;)

  4. Awwww! LOVE IT!!! Those moments are so precious, aren't they? I'm glad you two got to have a special evening together, we treasure them so much. :)