Sunday, June 3, 2012

End of school year fun

We're still finishing up our elementary online curriculum with Time4Learning but this week we still had plenty of time for some outdoor fun! That is one thing I really like about doing part of our school online, is that it leaves plenty of time for the kids to have some social time or explore the great outdoors later in the day. Early this week we went to the next town over to a really awesome park where the kids could play in the water.

We also had a field day. The mom that organizes our PE classes came up with lots of fun games and to top it all off we even had icecream.

One of Z~girls favorite things to do when her school work is done is to explore our yard. She even brought me a surprise that I insisted she returned to it's own habitat. That evening she counted 85 that she found under a couple of old boards. Isn't he cute??

Then Saturday started bright and early with a soccer game for Z~girl (followed by an airplane ride as one of her teammates dads was a pilot) and continued onto a baseball game for A~man. The day ended with a talent show. Z~girl played Little Liza Jane and Old Joe Clark on her violin. A~man was going to recite a poem by Shel Silverstein but he got a little stage fright. makes me tired just thinking about all we did this past week. I'm hoping for a nice and lazy, stay at home kind of week for next week!


  1. Oh my.... A-Man looks so tall all of a sudden! Did he have a growth spurt? Becoming such a handsome young man. Z-Girls snails are very cool but you wooldn't catch me holding one! She is so curious and brave.
    Oh, and Happy Belated Anniversary! Not quite sure what our summer plans are yet. We also try to do a bucket list!

  2. He does look taller doesn't he? He's a bit taller but actually,and amazingly, he has just really slimmed down! (still trying to figure that one out)I'd love to see your bucket list...we need to finish coming up with ours!

  3. Looks as though your kids had a great should try doing journalinguyen with your kids...its

  4. We've done it before but that is a great idea to start it back up! My son just now is becoming more interested and more able to write...he has a lot of verbal words, now he needs to put them down in writing!