Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teaching Writing Skills

I had mentioned awhile back that we were going to use Time4Writing this spring, at least for my daughter. I'm not sure about other homeschoolers but this spring has flown by!

 This past school year has definitely been more "unschooling" for both kids in the subject of writing. Both kids have been writing letters to pen pals and relatives,  Z has been writing stories on her own and also for her Girl Scout Journey book, but that has been about it. Next year we will try and concentrate on writing more formally, but instead this spring, I have been concentrating on getting her more up to grade level in math.

 I think she came by her lack of enthusiasm in math honestly, as both her dad and I also struggled a bit in math in school. In 5th, or maybe it was 6th grade, I was almost held back a year, but the fact that I had A's and high B's in all of my other classes saved me. I remember having to bring the math book home that summer from that year, and reworking it with my mom. Fortunately I did retain what I learned though, so I'm trying my best to be patient as we venture through the next two months before testing.

Speaking of testing, when I was looking at the Time4Writing site I noticed that they also have tutoring for older students that may need  SAT writing essay help. I have always enjoyed writing but that extra help sure would have helped me when I was taking my SAT's many years ago. Fortunately, that is several years down the road for Z~girl but it does seem like the previous 6 school years have flown by! 


  1. I've been teaching an English 1 class for our homeschool co op and it is just a wonderful gift to see improvement in writing skills!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. We haven't done much formal writing either. It's such a struggle with the boys. Joe is still learning to write basic letters so we do more dictation with him. Jay tries but always gets to a point where I have to have him dictate it to me, then I type it out for him and he copies. It works pretty well that way, although time consuming.