Tuesday, August 3, 2010

two lunches

Sometimes as a parent of a special needs child you have to let go...even if it is for just a bit. When A~man goes to daycamp (two mornings a week) that is my attempt. As much as I would love to be I am not going to be able to be by his side forever protecting him and stepping in when his judgement is not enough. Today was such a day.

Tonight was hubby's night off and we went to eat at one of our favorite spots. With the conversation between hubby, son, and I  we realized ds had TWO LUNCHES at daycamp...at least. I send him a plentiful healthy lunch.Today evidently they had hamburgers/hotdogs/french fries etc. That would have been ok (I would not have been thrilled) but he had that. Plus somehow he ate everything in his lunchbox.  Did A~man get in trouble....no.  If I was as hungry as he probably gets and had the food I would have eaten it. Anyone would have. BUT he has a person that goes to daycamp one on one with him and somehow this happened. I'm not a happy camper. Where was his helper???Only someone with a child who has PWS could understand this. Now if that happened with my Z~girl I would have been just fine.

Now internally I am fighting myself...knowing he HAS to be away from us at times....but gosh trusting someone with your sn's child is TOUGH!!


  1. Hi Over Yonder, I can only imagine how hard it is to let go, knowing that no one is going to care for your ds the way you would. But having cared for a grandmother with Alzheimer's for a year, and sometimes having to let others care for her to save my sanity and keep my marriage healthy, I think you did the right thing.

    In your situation, I can't think of a better decision than the one you made...two lunches aside. Ultimately, we have to trust God that none of the mistakes will be to bad. But if you want more children, especially special needs, then making your marriage a priority will be critical. This is not a sprint...but a marathon. You will have to take care of yourself and your hubby, because you two are in this together.

    I'm so proud of you that you let DS go on an outing by himself and that you and hubby had special time together too. This is called wisdom... Good job! You are doing the right thing--of that I'm sure. :o)

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  2. I would be outraged that the helper let this one slide by without attention.