Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to school...

or is it back to non school? Anyway today was our day back from a couple months of  having a very relaxed schedule. Z~girl has been begging to start back as she is very motivated to learn. She has enjoyed reading her books but she needs MORE. A~man? He would never admit it but he needs more of a schedule than he has been getting. He was less than enthusiastic this morning. I am trying my best to mix in physical activity between tasks. He has to move...honestly even though I am not hyperactive (hahaha wish I had a bit) I need to move after awhile or I get very sleepy and can't pay attention. This is how A~man is.

For curriculum we are continuing to use Handwriting Without Tears (A) and A Reason for Handwriting (Z), Mystery of History, Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space, continuing with Mastering Mathematics, and I am hoping to add on Easy Grammar, and All About Spelling in a couple of weeks. For reading/literature/phonics I use a mix and also wing it as this is my favorite subject. Oh and I picked up an older Switched on Schoolhouse 4th grade math/grammar for Z for a good price today. She isn't ready for the math but the grammar will be perfect for her to do independently. I'm sure I have missed something...oh ART/SEWING/COOKING well that is my favorite thing to do/teach besides literature! Here is Miss Z working on a pioneer bonnet. We are hoping to enter a couple sewing and art projects in the fair next month. A~man did an awesome painting last year that won a blue ribbon in the special needs category.

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  1. Hi Over Yonder, Thanks so much for dropping by. I've been so swamped that I haven't been able to respond to comments. No internet until I got home at night either. Just lots of paint.

    It's so fun reading your post today. You bring back a gazillion memories of my many years of homeschooling. I can so recall the fresh excitement each year of picking out the new curriculum I wanted to do with each of the five kids. They all had such different interests. I would love to see your daughter's pioneer bonnet when it's done. I taught a little girl how to do that as part of sewing lessons at my house a few years back.

    And your son has the same kind of activity needs that my son did. I kept a mini-trampoline in the livingroom. When Christian (who is ADHD if ever there was such a child)got too restless or bored, I sent him off for some trampoline time. I've been known to let him run laps around the house as a break too. Whatever it takes was my motto! Have a great year!