Sunday, August 22, 2010

my amazing son!

On the hubby's day off we have often times been going swimming at a health facility we are members at.  Our house has a pool but meh....we could not afford the money for a new liner and maintenance this year. (or last year when he broke his hip) When we moved in 5 years ago and plunked A~man into the pool by golly he could just automatically swim. Now they did have lessons years before that but more of water safety/getting used to the water as toddlers. The last two years he hasn't had as much interest in swimming. He likes to float and splash but that is about it.

Today he got a wild hair! He swam the length of an olympic size pool 5 times! now he did rest inbetween...I made him! He kept saying "I'm going to do THAT again!" I figured out he had been watching the adults in the lap lanes and was trying to mimick what they were doing. (a crawl type stroke he has never done) That blew me away! He learns so well by watching and doing! I can swim....I normally use the water barbells or do some excercises opposed to swimming. I do not think I could learn a swim stroke by just observing! The fact that he did it 5 times???!!! Ok I AM  bragging! Next time I am bringing my camera. I am also going to look into special olympics swimming...he was swimming faster than his sister!!


  1. Ooohh...I didn't think about Special Olympics swimming! How is he with competing? Does that take the fun out of it for him or make it even more exciting?

  2. That is just amazing! I'm thoroughly impressed! It's great to hear you brag about your kiddos. I do it all the time. Ha! I think that is wonderful that you could see how he learns. It will help so much over the next few years of school. That's a precious story. :o)

    PS. I'd love to see your dog. Ours is a chihuini. Half chihuahua and half dachsund.

  3. Joy- I feel like I have followed your family a little bit through facebook and you do so many fun things together as a family!

    That's neat that he picked it up so fast! I still sink. I know a young man here who is in Special Olympics swimming and horse. He has traveled nationally and is a great ambassador.