Thursday, August 12, 2010

No sweeter sound

Today was the finale of A~man's daycamp program at church. I feel a bit guilty as I have not sent him as much as I normally do so he missed out on a lot of events. Well he missed out on church a family we have had many wonderful events.

The presentation just made my heart swell! They demonstrated some of the activities they did during camp. The games they played and what it taught; patience, thinking of others above yourself. It showed the higher functioning campers helping the lower functioning campers which resulted in them benefiting mutually. They sang songs together and then....some had solos! As I was listening to such songs as "Jesus Loves Me" coming from a young lady with severe CP I got goose bumps and tears...infact listening to all of them...their expressions and their genuine love for God caused me to keep goose bumps. The reaction they showed to applause was so fun to watch. They were so proud. The whole time I just knew God was watching with love and adoration of these adults and children. His perfect creation made just how he wanted them to be.

The people in charge of this program at church are so selfless and giving and most are volunteers. Such good examples of how God wants us to be.


  1. So sweet, it warms my heart too:) Thank you for sharing that. I am glad you are having such great family time this summer.

    Also, did you change your blog's look? I like it!

  2. I just did but I have a photo bucket error image that keeps showing up.Can you see it?

  3. I do see it?? I don't have any knowledge to help... sorry:)

    I answered your chicken question on my blog but will post it here as well. I am trying to figure out the best way to answer/respond to comment because I know not everyone checks back. Anyhoo:

    We have four kinds of chickens: 3-Barred Rock (black & white), 3-Ameraucaunas (next to the Barred Rocks), 2-Buff Orpingtons (in the other 2 photos) and my shy girls are 2-Buff Brahma Banties (not pictured). The Barred Rock and Ameraucaunas are American Heritage breeds and seem to have a lot more spunk than the others.

    They are super fun and I highly recommend them!

  4. How precious~ I love that story! I'm sure the angels in heaven are singing with them and I know the Lord is pleased beyond words at such a sweet offering from little voices. I'm so glad you have a good place for your son to attend camp.

    PS. I noticed someone is talking 'chickens' to you! I hope DH will be able to repair my coop this fall and then I know exactly what kind of chickens I will get. Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, Americaunas, and Rhode Island Reds and the black ones. I love bantams or banties because they are so hardy and avoid predators better than others, but their eggs are very small. Americaunas are the best! Green eggs, and they are very smart chickens. Not only that they are gorgeous as well.