Sunday, February 22, 2009

My sons first run in with the 9!!

Geesh. Guess where he got in trouble with the law??? CHURCH of all places. Today Chris stayed home with Z because she was sick. A-man wanted to go and so did I so off we went. I have a major problem with crowds normally so I'm embarassed to say I've never went to church alone...except maybe in college. A-man went to sunday school and I went to service. I had no anxiety and completely enjoyed the service.

I'm walking downstairs to get A-man and he is sitting by the door in a chair with his SS teacher on one side and a POLICE OFFICER on the other side. The church we go to is very large and they do have security always present and several officers walking around at times. The details I got are sketchy and 75% of what A-man said is obviously a made up story. Chris is waiting for his SS teacher to call him back. I do know he kicked another student in his class (a lady with CP in a wheelchair). Then he was taken in the hallway and he kicked the teacher..somehow the officer got involved...he kicked him, tried to hit him and tried to take his GUN. :( He was also very verbally threatening. When I got there I just knew the junk had hit the fan. I about panicked as he was refusing to stand up and he's too big for me to pick up. The police told me a bit of what he was doing. Then A-man tried to grab the police again. THEN he (my son) said some VERY BAD THINGS. This is a huge church....wait I said that;)....everyone was staring. I wanted to crawl under a rock. My heart hurt so bad. He can have some extreme behavior but it is few and far between. I do not remember the last time he lost it. This was the wourst. My head has pounded all day. Heck I took a LONG nap most of the afternnoon. Chris is on the phone with the teacher right now...I guess I'll found out some of they why's soon.


  1. oh hon,
    I am so sorry you had to deal with that.hugs hugs hugs

    I am sure most people have had kids who have had meltdowns and most people will understand......

    just breathe..ok...breathe.

    aussie hugs

  2. that was a FAST reply!!! Thank you so much.

    Not many people have a 9 yr old say they are going to take an officers gun and kill him.