Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby girl

Chris got a message from the SW today saying the birth family loved the profile we sent them. Our GAL apparantly also called but we haven't been able to touch base with her on the phone. There are so many things we have to make sure of with a special needs adoption...one making sure she would get medicaid. A-man gets medicaid and there is NO WAY we would be able to pay for his medical expenses without it.

For some reason I'm a bit discouraged about the situation today. I just keep praying though that even if WE are not the family meant for the baby that God does find a family for her...and he gives me the strength to DEAL WITH IT. I want one more.....before I'm 40.


  1. keeping all my bits exed for you...

    I would love another one too..sigh.but its not to be....


  2. I didn't realize you are looking into adoption!! I think that is so wonderful!! Don't lose hope. Someone else I know just arrived home yesterday with their new baby girl!! (((HUGS)))