Friday, February 13, 2009

Men (and women) close to 40 should not wear rollerskates....

Lesson learned today. Maybe if I get it all out there I will be able to sleep peacefully.

Today was the homeschool valentines day roller skating party. I decided ahead of time no skates would grace these feet as I have had a heck of a time with my back/neck this winter. (I sound like an old fart) But C?? he put them on...did the hokey pokey...the chicken dance and at the end of the party fell on his knee, hip...then face. 11 stitches later and a broken hip....with 3 pins! I swear I was in shock the whole day. I was on autopilot with God as my pilot. I was in the eating area with A-man....and one of my friends was pounding on the partition saying C was on the floor! I looked over to see him holding his head trying to get up! Fortunately there was a nurse there that made him stay still....the dr later said that was a very good thing. Z was a mess...A-man was in hysterics. The car we drove there in (our other suv is waiting for tax return to get fixed) is a 65 falcon that I CANNOT drive...I'm sure I could but it has an unusual shift. So a fellow homeschooler drove us to the hospital behind the ambulance. We waited and's a small city so A-man enjoyed talking with hospital security...she also has a special needs adult dd that goes to our church. I had no money with me as I do not carry a purse. (well I may be reconsidering that after all these years) We saw dh before surgery and he gave me his debit card. DH goes to surgery and I decide I better feed the kids so I ask where an ATM is.....we find it and it DOESN'T WORK and the cafe doesn't process debit cards. So.....what do we do??? We walk to the bank!hahahah (gotta laugh) it wasn't far but half the sidewalks were in disrepair due to fixing the road. Halfway there I remember I left dh's hospital bag with his clothes and shoes in before eating we find and sound in the chair we put it. At this point the wonderfully sweet helpful (candystripers? not sure what they are called now) kept our bags so we could go eat lunch at 3 pm. Meanwhile my phone is ringing off the hook with friends trying to find out how they can help. :) VERY touching especially because we have no local family here anymore. BUT I miss the drs call....but it all works out....a nice lady helps the scatterbrain mama (ME) find my way to wait in the orthopedic wing of the hosptital. ......the rest tomorrow...I'm tired.

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  1. Are you sure we aren't twins??your life sounds a lot like mine.....
    hoping DH has a swift recovery.

    tons of aussie hugs