Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grace in small things

1. Free pancakes at IHOP this morning!! plus we all shared a combo meal. Quite yummy!
2. My local homeschool group...people talk about lack of socialization with homeschooling but seriously I have a lot more friends since homeschooling.
3. A WONDERFUL meal brought by a sweet fellow homeschooler. Geesh if feels funny having people helping us. I like what she said though "I have 7 children...I have had a lot of meals brought to ME"
4. Being able to take Zoe to the dr today and being able to pay for it in full due to friends.
5. seeing my girl decide to be brave....I PROMISED her no shots (her biggest fear) at the dr. The dr highly suggested a flu shot and I explained to him (not her regular ped)...she muttered to me "I'll do it...I'll do it" and took it like a big girl. :)
6. My son is the funniest child on this planet. Today he asked me when I was going to even out the haircut I gave him....he complained he was starting to look like GEORGE WASHINGTON....I was ROTFLMAO!!!
7. oooops I'm over my quota on the list but gosh I am so blessed with my husband and kids.


  1. so glad you had so many things to be glad about!!!


  2. Blossom you are one of the things I'm thankful for.

  3. did I just call you a "thing"??? LOL