Sunday, January 12, 2014

Homeschool artist matchbox swap!

This was such a neat concept that when I heard about the group we just had to participate! Each month there is a new topic and you decorate a matchbox to that theme and include things into the box that go along with the topic. Then you mail it to another participant. This month was "Famous Artists" and we picked Vincent van Gogh.

The kids included an ear that they had made out of clay (heehee) a sunflower, jokes, and a write up about the famous artist. I had some confusion (should have read the directions better!) about what size of matchbox. So uhhhh we ended up a little big even though now I realize typically they use the small matchboxes. I was relieved to hear from the mom leading it that she sometimes used big boxes too. 

They had fun trying to recreate classics from a Vincent van Gogh coloring book we had. A~man chose The Bedroom and also a self portrait after he had cut his ear off. 

Z~girl chose a different self portrait and also Starry Night to decorate her box. (which is one of my favorites)

They had an absolute blast painting and decorating the boxes!

I will have to do a follow up post of the boxes that they received. Z~girl already got hers and was happy to discover that it was done about one of her favorite artists from some art games she has done. Also she ended up exchanging hers with one of her local homeschool friends which was pretty cool. Her friend did an amazing job but I will share those pictures after A~man receives his box. 

I'm totally treasuring activities like these... hoping they will keep enjoying learning like this for awhile. Before I know it Z~girl will be doing SAT games. I am so not ready for that chapter of homeschooling!


  1. What a neat idea! I love it Joy! How did you hear about it? I am sharing this on the FB tomorrow too!