Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Begins!

We have been schooling very lightly the last couple of weeks and I had big plans at the end of last week to plan our goals for the kids for January. In walks a very nasty cold halting any type of progress. Thankfully it only lasted 4 miserable days which I am thankful for as sometimes in the winter they last weeks for me. Also so far no one else has gotten it.

But...after feeling icky off and on the last month or more with this and that I have decided to do a fast for the next few weeks that my friend Amber over at Adventures in Mindful Living told me about. (check out her blog for awesomely healthy recipes!) It's called a Daniel fast and it is predominantly Bible based (the book of Daniel ;) but the food part specifies no meat, dairy, sugar (except for fruit), artificial ingredients and only drinking water. Basically vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, etc. I like all the foods struggle physically will be with the no coffee and no cheese. My two weaknesses. I'm not sure if I will blog much about it as it is a little more personal but I am hopeful about making some spiritual and physical changes.

Tomorrow will be a teacher work day so I can plan out the next month for their school goals. Z~girl's main ones...are getting a jump on her math and also getting her writing homework help. She has such a great imagination but has a difficult time putting it down on paper. (or the screen) She is a major perfectionist and struggles with not wanting to ever make a mistake. Hopefully in between planning though we can make a ginger bread house that didn't manage to get made, (did I ever mention the pumpkin we carved a month late this year?)but I guess better late than never. I also found some fun 2 player games that I think both kids would enjoy doing together.


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  1. Good luck with the fast! This is the year we are committed to change our eating habits. We started a little early, and struggled through the all of the holiday dinners, lol...but we are getting back on track now. It's so hard to break bad habits!