Sunday, June 16, 2013

It's one of those times...

of the year that I get cranky and weepy. I'm not a weepy person. Then it dawn's on me...just as it does in January. Both mine and my husbands father's birthdays were in January. My father passed away in January, 9 years ago.(I think that is right) My husband's father passed away that same year, but in August...almost 2 weeks after Z~girls 3rd birthday. Oddly, my husband didn't even mention his father today.

I miss my dad. He was a good dad. No he wasn't perfect (no one is) but he worked hard (too hard) and he did take time to do things with me. He used to ride bikes with me as a teenager. He played softball with me, helping me catch and bat, for hours and hours when he would get home from work. He was always at my school and sports events. Most importantly he taught me about God from the time I was wee. The above photo is of me and one of my nieces...during our moody teenage years.

I do regret I didn't get to see him (or my mom) much once I got married and moved so far away. I am very thankful though that he was able to meet A and Z several times before he died. He was a good grandpa to all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. He was in his early 70's when he died...and he had the beginnings of alzheimers and passed in his sleep.  

My husband's father had cancer and was quite young. I wish I could find the picture of Z and pop pop at her 3rd birthday party. (right before he passed) He also loved A and Z so much!

Well...this post has gotten way more depressing than I intended. So...I will blog about our father's day another time as it truly was a wonderful day. My children are blessed with an awesome daddy! 

I must admit. I rescheduled our homeschool standardized tests to be in two weeks...instead of in two days. We have so much going on this week that I think that it would be best to wait...for my sanity alone. (I hate facing a week with back to back appointments) 

I think most people know that I do book reviews for I LOVE to read just like Z does. I did want to ask any of my homeschool readers that if they knew of any books by homeschoolers, that are not on the site, to let me know as we are always looking for new books to do reviews on!


  1. Parents are wonderful, aren't they (not saying this because i am a parent). Saying it because they are. Grandparents enrich the lives of our children. They love and spoil unconditionally.

    The love that they share cannot be measured. The stories that they share cannot be measured.

    Thank you for this post. It reminds us to show more respect to our parents - because they are our parents.

  2. I still have my dad, thankfully, so I can't imagine how hard Father's Day is for your and your hubby. Having said that, I'm glad you did have a wonderful day celebrating your husband! :)


  3. This wasn't a depressing post at all. I am so sorry neither of you have your fathers in your lives now. It sounds however like your dads made you the people you are today, and judging from watching your family, I am certain they were wonderful men!